MondapArt Gallery


 From its first moments in 2007, MondapArt selections have been eclectic, favoring the simplicity of reading, the work’s direction and aesthetic. A selection in the service of living art where 24 visual artists currently join together in a dynamic team within the gallery.

Created by Isabelle Lefort, the MondapArt gallery also offers companies wishing to highlight their creativity and ability to innovate, value their customers and offer their employees well-being, a pallet of artistic services focusing on meetings with the artists.

The MondapArt gallery’s artists are one of its permanent features placing over 800 works online at

80 rue du Château,
92100 Boulogne-Billancourt

Contact : Isabelle Lefort
Phone : (+33) 06 08 30 94 90 - (+33) 09 52 77 76 41

Open everyday with appointment
and on Thursday afternoon from 2PM to 6PM



Voz galerie

 Created by Ivane Thieullent and opened in June 2011 in Boulogne-Billancourt in a 190m2 space, friendly and very open to the city, VOZ'Galerie was born of a desire to promote auteur photography.

It is pursuing an ambitious goal: to embody the reflection of the vibrant diversity of photographic styles, promote the work of the photographers that it represents and bring it to the public’s attention.

The VOZ’Galerie currently represents nearly 40 artists and offers collectors and art lovers a selection of signed and numbered prints ranging from emerging photographers to the most recognized auteurs.

In addition to a regular program of solo and group exhibitions, the VOZ'Galerie is also developing an exhibition policy beyond its walls in partnership with various outside institutions.

41 rue de l’est,
92100 Boulogne-Billancourt
Phone : (+33) 01 41 31 40 55

Exit Art Contemporain


Since 2006, Maria Giovanna Gilotta and Florence Provost have sought to foster encounters between contemporary art and an audience of new collectors as informed collectors. The strength of the Exit Art Contemporain gallery’s selection is to assume a choice that is provocative, funny or unexpected, yet able to penetrate our daily lives.

Every work exists to serve as a topic of interest. Between perceptual and conceptual, between thought and feeling, games and gravity, the artists’ work of the gallery invites public attention and leads to a variety of emotions. Beyond the variety of disciplines, themes and materials used, different languages ​​conjugate all in the present: a reflection on our generation is the common thread.

Near the Marmottan Library, at the corner of the Place Denfert Rochereau, the gallery shares the same space dedicated to contemporary art with Green Flowers Art gallery.

61, rue du château
92100 Boulogne-Billancourt

 Maria Giovanna Gilotta
Phone : (+33) 06 22 23 68 63
Florence Provost
Phone : (+33) 06 80 45 23 01

Free entrance from Tuesday to Saturday, from 2.30PM to 7.30PM
And with an appointment,

GreenFlowers Art Gallery  


green flowers art
Green Flowers Art Gallery supports a widely diverse group of artists, all of whom share the same characteristic of creating work that is highly personal and often intimate.

Created by Valérie de Lauzon-Bacques and established in Boulogne-Billancourt for more than five years, Green Flowers Art Gallery presents the work of gallery artists, renowned painters, sculptors and photographers but also young artists with promising talent, through personal exhibitions.

Green Flowers Art Gallery has a permanent collection of recent works by its major artists that are worth visiting the gallery to see: Assunta Genovesio, Sophie Gerspacher, Jean -Pierre Guillard, Rémi Hamoir Frederick Jagueneau, Rosy Lamb, Quik (Lin Felton ) and Rada Tzankova.

The gallery specializes in commissions of family portraits. Collectors and art lovers can have their portraits or those of their loved ones made according to their preferences (choice of the artist and the technique).

The Green Flowers Art Gallery also advises companies in their sponsorship, acquisition or lease policy, regardless of their budget.

The gallery is located in Boulogne-Billancourt near the Marmottan Library, at the corner of the Place Denfert Rochereau. Green Flowers Art shares this beautiful space with Exit Art Contemporain. Each gallery is independent and three times a year takes over the whole space for a solo exhibition. Both galleries also organize joint exhibitions. This unique partnership has created a very positive trend for all with an artistic calendar that is rich and varied.


 61 rue du Château,
92100, Boulogne-Billancourt
Contact : Valérie de Lauzon-Bacques

Phone : 06 85 82 94 01

Free entrance, open on Thursday and Friday from 11AM to 7PM,
on Saturday from 4PM to 7PM and with an appointment everyday

The Arnaud BARD gallery


Established for more than 10 years in Boulogne-Billancourt west of Paris, birthplace of many famous artists, such as P. Landowski, Bartholdi, Arnold, Blondat, Volovick, Leppien, J. Gray and J. Bernard.

The Arnaud BARD Gallery, formerly known as "Space F.A.E. " Gallery Workshop" has become the showcase of many contemporary conceptual artists of different sensibilities and visual expressions.

Specialized in Zimbabwean stone sculpture, through its many events the gallery introduces these talented recognized artists, both to novices and to knowledgeable collectors, who are creators of an unprecedented artistic movement in the history of African sculpture.

The Arnaud BARD Gallery presents widely known painters and sculptors, it also makes it a point of honor to serve as a springboard for other creators with promising talent to make their work known through solo exhibitions and to the press and media.

Isabelle and Arnaud BARD have led the Arnaud BARD Gallery since its inception. They come from a family of artists by their grandmother, "Isabelle Roussel" a Norman painter from the 50s, and by their mother, a sculptor. During their youth they were exposed to several meetings with conceptual artists, forging their sensitivity dedicated to the promotion of artists and their personal creation. Daniel Jouvance perfumer, but also a collector and sculptor, in recent years has joined his friends from Boulogne, completing a new set of sensitivity.


92 avenue Jean-Baptiste Clément,
92100 Boulogne-Billancourt

 Phone: (+33) 06 70 77 36 47